​KR 519 Dryer base

KR ​519S Inline table

​KR 447 Turn over

What is the best tray and bundle sorting option?

Yes, it has been for years.  Its not as complicated as you think we have 2 up and single registration tables, inline bump turns and the KR 219 inline tables all can assist the integration of printing on your bindary line.

Is it really possible to print inline with a three knife trimmer bindary line?

Mini or NOT mini is the question

​KR 730 Right angle

​KR 445 Turn over


KR 415 Bump turn

With the new line of cartridge inks available you have more options on your printing substrates than in the past. If you are already using a UV based printing system you may not have faced these problems. But most addressing printers have found over the years a limit of which products they can dry on. If you own a Wavejet and want to upgrade to a UV based ink that is possible. If you have a HP/cartridge type system you can also print on most everything with a special ink the HP 2580.

First stop "What Kind of ink do I need?"

​Printing and inline with my printer

The Phoenix is one of the fastest and highest resolution print heads today.  At 4.25" non-stitched image area and a true 600 dpi. It has the advantages of both UV and MICR based ink. Making this flexible printer the best choice for 90 degree printing, Camera read /write and high speed crystal clear printing.

How do I turn my product 90 degrees? 

Product re-orientation is accomplished a few ways with different machines. The KR 730 is an inline 90 degree roller table that can be both incline and turning. The KR 415 is an inline turning device that will not change the flow of the floor plan just the piece. And a bump turn kit for a KR 535 tabber will also change the piece orientation without changing the floor plan.

How do I print on something I have tabbed first inline?

The KR 412 shuttle bypass may help in this situation. If you have a feeder you can use the KR 412 to feed your tabber and as the product exits out of the tabber or attacher it will drive over the shuttle and feed directly into the inkjet table.

The KR 319 Netjet mini base is a HP print platform with a very small foot print. This unit can be moved rapidly inline with an attacher or it even comes in a right to left configuration for use behind an inserter. This base is widely used for an inline camera system on inserters. It is called the mini but does not lack in versatility.



​Sort conveyor

​KR 319 / 435

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4 Color Phoenix

The Phoenix has a 4.25" print area.

Can I add a head ?

That will depend on your piece. We have sorting stackers that drop and some compensate drops. Inkjet options are conveyor based some are powered edge displacement. But all KR inkjets should have a speed up conveyor function in it already call for info.

KR 496F

Most Kirk-Rudy print systems can be added to the Netjet.  For instance you can add to it in 1/2" increments or full 1.5" heads. The Phoenix is no different, you can upgrade down the road if you wish for another head the cost is not as high as you might think.

The new HP 2580 solvent ink can expand your business opportunities by allowing you to accept jobs that require printing on Foils, PVC, Shrink film, Aqueous coated surfaces, even UV 

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