Firejet 4C

Our most recent innovation is an all-in-one printing system that combines the heavy-duty transport Kirk-Rudy is famous for.

* Resolution up to 1600 x 1600 dpi

* Speeds up to 150 ft/min (at 1600 x 954 dpi)

* Print width up to 12.75" (A3+ and A4 cut sheets

* Pigment aqueous inks

* Long print head life (approx. 120 liters)

* XKolor RIP and color management software

203 Pick n place

415 Bump Turn 

519 Table



We have formulated an ink that works with our new LED curing system. This new LED dryer will work at 50% less power and 20% more effiecency than the mercury lamp curing systems avaiable. The NO HEAT drying process uses UV-A light only so no Ozone or dangerous UV-B or UV-C. With a 20,000 hour life span the LED will outlast any IR/UV heat system by 25 years. With no ventalation required and no EOL on the lamps this is a clear advancement over High power mercury curing. These benefits are also on a 110V circuit so common house power is all that is needed now to run a Phoenix inkjet drying system.

 KR Camera Vision System 

KR687 Magnetic strip encoder for encoding 2-3 track magnet strip.

Feeding / Attaching

Tabbing & Inline Systems

Mail & Printing

Authorized Kirk Rudy Dealer

KR224Stand-alone shuttle feeder.
KR324Stand-alone shuttle feederKR324M Printing press shuttle feeder.
KR496 ServoFriction feeder servo controlled high speed start/stop
KR694 Rotary feeder
(Best selling feeder)Inkjet and stand alone feeder
KR497Servo tip-on System
KR203PPick and Place.
KR486 LRChain Registration System.
KR203C Coin and Key Attaching System

UltraJet V2.1 - UV printing system for coated stocks, plastics, & foils.
KolorJet - High speed Color & Monochrome Inkjet printing system for added color graphics, images, and variable data at high speeds. 
Phoenix- Meets the increasing and rigorous demands for printing variable addresses, graphics, dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers, and texts on coated and uncoated substrates. 
​NetJet- Inkjet addressing system with proven HP technology for variable text & graphics.
KR415  Incline conveyor and bump turn.
KR412Shuttle bypass unit for running product into a shuttle for inline work.
KR535 Tabmaster Inline or stand alone Tab,Stamp,Scratch off, magnet,post-it note.
KR545-T Triple web all inclusive tabbing system meets every requirement.
KR545-D Duel web leading and trailing edge tabber 4 tabs in a single pass.
KR435 MiniCompact size but full function tabber.
KR565Tab splicing unit for non stop roll changes.

Authorized Kirk Rudy Dealer

FireJet 4C System

KR 519S Vacuum base

Transports & Inline Systems

No heat printing  LED curing on UV ink

Inkjet printer

KR 519 E Vacuum base

KR 519 Vacuum base

565 Splicer

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