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T.L.M & Associates would like you to have a convenient way to acquire equipment.

Equipment financing options as diverse as your business

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Another option to keep your cash flow is a working capital loan. A working capital loan can be used on anything from marketing services to payroll.

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We know that obtaining business assets to bolster your business without restricting cash flow is a balancing act. The solution? Business equipment lease and financing programs from Ascentium Capital. It only takes seconds to apply and have access to affordable payments and potential tax advantages.

Our business financing products and services are customized to match unique business needs and goals. From new equipment leasing to working capital, we’ll work with you to create payment options that match your specific needs. For instance, full payments may be delayed until the equipment begins generating revenue and payments may be stretched out for up to 84 months. With our business financing, substantial cash outlays and depletion of bank credit lines may be avoided.

With Ascentium Capital financing, companies have access to funds for business equipment, commercial vehicles, and technology products and more.

Drive growth with business equipment financing and leasing

With Ascentium Capital’s equipment financing and leasing programs, you’ll experience:

  • Flexibility: We offer financing up to $2 million for new and used equipment and technology 
  • Simplicity: For up to $250,000, all that’s required is a quick application
  • Fast service: Instant credit decisions for most transactions
  • Low-to-no upfront costs: Deferred payment and 100% financing options are available
  • Buying confidence: With our pre-approvals, companies know what they can afford to spend when shopping for equipment

Plus: ask about all-inclusive equipment financing. The cost of new equipment goes beyond the sticker price and may also include shipping, taxes and other expenses. Ascentium’s 100% financing means financing these expenses assists in avoiding upfront costs.