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You have tabbers and need a solution to the lead and trailing edge tabbing process. We have a low cost alternative to the full size KR 545 series. The KR 730 Angle Registration table.

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Flexibility,proven accuracy,and price make Kirk-Rudy number one in the marketplace.

Appliying a wafer seal or a plastic card is one field KR has made all their own. With a variety of standard systems we can create a custom application or meet a certain required process accurately.

As a direct factory consumable source, our goal is to keep our customers cost down to maintain their market place. And by keeping our products as low as possible we fulfill that goal


Our products are designed to accommodate all production enviroments. KR's imager solutions can take you from the basic variable printing platform to the most current technology available today.




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Commercial financing solutions

​ Kirk-Rudy’s World Class Inkjet Printing and Product Handling Solutions. The KR CAPITAL Program from Kirk-Rudy can help you achieve an immediate R.O.I. with positive cash flow from day one, by offering you affordable payment plans to meet your equipment budgeting needs. We provide you the ability to procure our state-of-the-art offerings with affordable monthly payment plans that can be customized to meet almost any budget.

Up too 600 Feet per minute portrait or length wide print direction.